frost-rimed sock


frost-rimed sock
by the railroad track —
the paths walked to get here

The Walk Home, Susan Lee Kerr. ‘Step through the Awareness Gate and join her’ Alba Publishing.


rather than follow
Basho’s footsteps North, I rock
my baby to sleep

The Walk Home. Haiku, senryu, tanka. A retrospective, thirty years of writing in the world of haiku. Alba Publishing. ‘an entry into a world of ecstatic openness.’

Shifting world

… our world is shifting in the biggest and smallest of ways, every little movement having a ripple effect on the whole complicated web we call life on earth. I think a lot of us, individually, are shifting right now too, and many of us are contemplating creative changes, career changes, relationship changes, and personal changes that we wouldn’t have given a thought to only two short weeks ago.