Writing and talking



Writing from Life —  Fascinating ancestor? Fantastic life experience? How do you tell the story? Decision paths, sources and insights into weaving together fact, memories and imagination. That’s the talk I’m prepping for a little group this week. Actually I’m making it a sort of show-and-tell. Wednesday 1st June 2016, 1 pm, Cambrian Community Centre, Richmond TW10 6SN. Free. As a writer, interesting to go back and select six artifacts from my research on The Extraordinary Dr Epstein to illustrate my points. They are: family photograph, maps (NYC 1850), images of places (NYC City Hall 1850), images of historical context (Battle of Lissa), images of objects (a lancet and a corset), archive material (an obit information form 1913).

Hmmm, the combination of lancet and corset might conjure up a dramatic story or poem in some fertile imaginations. Analyse that! Anyone in the neighborhood is welcome to drop by; tea’s provided too.


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