Writing locally

Strolling around in summerly bliss imbibing local sights. This stone sculpture I love, on someone’s lawn for all to see.  At the moment I’m thinking it could be an image of inner creativity. Wish I knew the sculptor’s name. My new novel is set right here where I live; makes me hyper alert to my surroundings.2016-08-06 16.12.13

There’s going to be a whole mass of public creativity at a mingle of Local Authors at Waterstones W4 on Wednesday 14 September 7-9 pm. I’ve got to polish up a 1 minute wowzer for the occasion, and so do all the other local authors. It’s going to be a pitch-off! Or a pitch slam? It’s a kick-off to the Chiswick Book Festival featuring some local and many national authors. Click here for The Chiswick Calendar freebie local authors evening and here to connect with the book fest.


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