Writing Utopia

Catch a vision on BBC4 TV this Tuesday 9pm Utopia: In Search of the Dream. Amazingly it features haiku and a bit of me and other British Haiku Society poets. Over 3 programmes: Utopia for a fairer world, does utopian vision work, is it an inner state? Guess which is the haiku one. For me utopia could be a week’s writing retreat — already booked for it in Devon, Retreats for You. Meanwhile click here for BBC TV listing. And here for my most recent haiku.


5 thoughts on “Writing Utopia

    • Yes! I went 5 years ago (the first Deb) when wrestling with a difficult episode in Dr Epstein’s life (death of his 4 yr old son — from mis-filled prescription that he had writtne). Now wrestling with first draft of new novel — needs more oomph. Lovely that you are watching me… too bad we both got no spoken part in Utopia Haiku, but I thought haiku and BHS group came out of it pretty well.

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    • At last, a breather since returning from Retreats for You, a chance to reply — not so many words, but finding a way through. Excellent help from tutor/editor in residence Jayne Watson. Additional help from wine o’clock and new writing friends made, and yes, connected on Twitter. Hope to see you at British Haiku Society winter gathering in early December if not before.

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      • I’ll definitely be at the Book Fair on the 30th this month. Not sure yet if I can make it to the BHS AGM, as I’l be Santering again. 🙂

        We did Retreats for You to do a Fleming, facing the wall, and writing writing writing. Glad the workshop worked for you though. We did get some good ideas, while facing the wall in our respective rooms, for the shape of our respective books.



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