fooling around

summer’s open window
lets in the sound of distance

After posting a dozen haiku here day by day, and feeding them through to Twitter, now I am trying a reverse. That is, posting haiku and photo (there’s a name for that: haiga) on Twitter and feeding them through to this blogsite. I wasn’t wild about the way the blogsite comes through as a tweet. So… we shall see. Feeling free to feel experimental. 

summer’s open window was yesterday on Twitter. Eeep! I’ve just realised that I tweeted the pre-edit version of today’s haiku — sun after rain — so I have just deleted it. To re-do, with my actually moving plashing fountain too. So which do you prefer? Here’s the one that’s in the book, thanks to lovely editor Kim Richardson of Alba Publishing. Followed by the original version.

sun after rain
silver water in spate
from the drain pipe

sun after rain
silver water gushes
from the drain pipe

It really was gushing. But… gush isn’t a very pleasant word, somehow.


2 thoughts on “fooling around

  1. Hi Susan
    hope all is ok with you and yours, we are all fine here, getting a bit fed up with restriction but am going out a bit went to Epping Forest (in the car) on Monday have the occasional not too longer walk – wish the toilets would open!
    re your haiku – I like gushing best but if you are being particular about the ing gushes works fine.
    Be lovely when we can meet for coffee or lunch.
    Take care
    Much love



  2. Hi Kate! Wonderful to hear that you are getting out. You have been on my mind, knowing that you must be taking special care. My daughter with her 3 children carries a portable pottie for their outings, even when they came for a garden visit to our house.
    It was great working with Kim, like a 1-to-1 haiku workshop (via skype).
    Yes, hope ‘we’ll meet again’ soon,


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