Writing She Voices

she-voices-women-writers  Funny, angry and very moving. Notes on a Page anthology launch by She Voices Women Writers based in Richmond upon Thames. Tales of daring, short stories, memoir, glimpses of history, poetry, a peek into a futuristic world — and that’s just the launch at Richmond  Library on the Green. Only joking… all that’s in the book; it’s really tea & cake on Saturday 3 December, 2 – 4 pm.

Come on along and meet a bevy of friendly, feisty authors in a little break from your holiday shopping. I’m honoured to be a guest writer within the pages, and former tutor of several of the anthologees. Including Camilla Reeve of Palewell Press and Margaret Whittock of Dark Mourne Press who have run and organised this fab book. Want to know more about the writing group and possibly join it? Click HERE  for their info page.

Click HERE for info on the Richmond Library location.

Writing the Discovery Draft

2016-09-01 12.28.16Wow. I’ve written myself to a point where I’m just like a reader. In suspense and don’t know what exactly is going to happen next. I know the story but how to tell it? I’m stuck. This is becoming much more of an adventure than I thought. I started with a character, a situation and a setting all of which I know, but: blank page now and to make it go on, what? Handwriting, I start a possible scene, doesn’t matter, could be rubbish, just START. Only when I write the scene do I find out what I know and what I don’t know and where/how it might go next.

I love and fear and hate the unknowing. Only by writing do I know the unknown which then leads me to the knowing. Notes from the edge:  you are on this adventure with me.

Writing and teaching it

2016-09-01 12.27.42

List six objects you remember from childhood… Life Listing exercise, a great starter-off. To see the whole of it, click here for the link to my teachingcreativewriting blog. It features a termly freebie class exercise from the Matrix book, and an archive of others.

Yes, September! Back-to-school, back to planning creative writing classes. Pleased to say that the paperback full of exercises & ideas is now half-price, £7.00. The e-version is even less. Get writing, get planning.


Click here for Creative Writing: the Matrix paperback available only in UK. Or click here for Creative Writing: the Quick Matrix ebook version of selected goodies from the print book, available worldwide.