Writing patterns

Golden November. And it’s NANOWRIMO too. If you’ve never done it and you want a breakthrough in your writing, DO IT; guess I’d better put the link in here. Talk about patterns of writing, this go for broke method led me to the novel I completed in late spring. I am now submitting A Body of Knowledge to agents, a whole ‘nother adventure.

Of course once I had the breakthrough — after two agonising days of facing the blank page and writing rubbish, and only then finding a voice I didn’t know — I had to keep writing for the whole month. The flow was fantastic, and the freeeedom to write any old how. Besides that, there is no such thing as a novel in a month (but it’s fun to say). Once you get to the end of November you’ve got 10-20-30-50??000 words. Rest, recover, keep writing. And then edit-revise-rethink… a very different kind of pattern.

Patterns, seasons… time to add an autumn to my haiku page. Click here for a peek.


Writing the Discovery Draft

2016-09-01 12.28.16Wow. I’ve written myself to a point where I’m just like a reader. In suspense and don’t know what exactly is going to happen next. I know the story but how to tell it? I’m stuck. This is becoming much more of an adventure than I thought. I started with a character, a situation and a setting all of which I know, but: blank page now and to make it go on, what? Handwriting, I start a possible scene, doesn’t matter, could be rubbish, just START. Only when I write the scene do I find out what I know and what I don’t know and where/how it might go next.

I love and fear and hate the unknowing. Only by writing do I know the unknown which then leads me to the knowing. Notes from the edge:  you are on this adventure with me.