Writing workshop

How do you write about a place you’ve never been to? How do you write about a time you’ve never lived in? Or how do you bring your writing to life? Come and hone your writing skills, and acquire new ones, with Susan Lee Kerr, local author, haiku poet and creative writing tutor. Susan, known to She Voices members, was born in West Virginia, raised in New York, and is now a dedicated Londoner. Her novel, The Extraordinary Dr Epstein, is the true life of an astonishing 19th century immigrant. As his great granddaughter, Susan drew on family tales, fact and imagination to tell the turbulent story that she draws upon in her workshop.

SHE VOICES WOMEN WRITERS welcomes newcomers to this workshop on Saturday morning 17th June 10.30 – 12.30 At Richmond Library, Little Green, Richmond Upon Thames TW9 1QL.

And I thank She Voices for this lovely opportunity!


Writing and gin

The joys of being a local author. Not sure what great grandfather Ephraim M (click here) would say, but he is coming with me to the start of the Chiswick Book Festival. And you can come too, if you can get to Waterstones, London W4 on Wednesday 14 Sept, 7-9 pm. The idea, organised by The Chiswick Calendar, is lubricated by Sipsmith, our local ginnery. Lots of local authors, loads of local readers, meet, mingle, and chatter.


The Chiswick Calendar by the way is doing wonders for the local creatives — vid-interviews with local authors, local photographers, local artists, whole galleries-ful. Plus of course weekly handsome newsletter of what’s on. And great daily local photos. Have a look Here.