Shifting world

… our world is shifting in the biggest and smallest of ways, every little movement having a ripple effect on the whole complicated web we call life on earth. I think a lot of us, individually, are shifting right now too, and many of us are contemplating creative changes, career changes, relationship changes, and personal changes that we wouldn’t have given a thought to only two short weeks ago.


Here. Now.

The general advice is ‘make your blog the blog that you wish you could find but you can’t’. Also, ‘watch and follow a bunch of blogs before launching into blogworld.’ What I want, what I really really want, is a late night, end-of-day, just-before-shutting-down brain, mind and soul washer. Maybe it could be for start of day, too. No words, or at least few words. No thinking. No comment. Just soothing and interesting and mindfully mindless. Chatter-chatter-chatter: monkey mind end of.

So with my own photographs and my own haiku, this is a start. As I learn WordPress I hope to figure out (with monkey-mind’s help) how to make this into an archivey slidey show of just such soothingness.